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I’m So OLD… MS Dos 30 today. all your config.sys belongs to us

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There isn’t really too much to say on the subject, other than nostalgia. 30 years ago, Microsoft purchased the rights to QDos from SCP and history was born.

Considering that the majority of our audience has hardly any experience with DOS or Disk-Operating-System, DOS represents one of the most important advancements in technology within the last century. DOS brought around a revolution in the way in which we use and control computer systems. Because of Intel’s introduction of the 8086 processor, Microsoft needed an operating system that could run on the architecture.

It bought the rights for Q-Dos from Seattle Computer Products for $25K, and the rights for 86-DOS for $75K, and packaged sold them as MS-DOS. MS-DOS became ubiquitous during the 80’s and 90’s for it’s inclusion in ‘IBM’ compatible PCs. But actually, Compaq and Zeinth should get the credit for including the first version of MS-DOS on it’s systems as PC-DOS.

Throughout the 90’s, DOS was the only way we could play games. Before Windows 95 we still had to worry about how much EMS memory we had, and shut down non essential components, just so we could get Wing Commander III to play (this was a bitch, and one of the first CD-ROM games I ever had.)

I know, I know. None of this matters. But when you consider that up until Microsoft Windows Vista, all Microsoft OS’s have had a core in DOS world. Only when 64Bit operations became realistic did DOS go to the wayside. Even today, DOS commands are some of the most essential parts of the Microsoft OS. Something breaks in Windows 7? you still pull up the Command prompt to fix it. And that CMD prompt is an emulation of DOS.

Yes, I am old. But when you consider how important the IBM-PC has been to the world, including home and office, the evolution of the Internet, and even this very website, it becomes respectful to say thanks to MS-DOS. Even if you don’t like who the M$ corporation became in later years, it’s roots were pretty humble.

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del *.*



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