Alan Smithee

Zodiac Followers, Chill The Hell out

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There’s been some ruminations and being bemoaning that there is a possibility that now there’s a 13th astrological symbol being re-adopted, that they’ll have to get tattoos redone or learn some other ephemeral meaning behind something that should have gone away so long ago. This is for you…STOP TALKING ABOUT STUFF YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT!

The ‘new’ symbol that everyone is throwing a shit fit about is only going to be adopted by the followers of the sidereal zodiac. Most everyone else in the US and other Westernized countries uses the tropical zodiac for our astrological signs…meaning NOTHING is happening to the pseudo-science that you hold so dear. So if you have a tattoo or some jewelry that relates to this symbol you hold so dear, keep it!

Also, please stop following astrology, we all know it’s bullshit.

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