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Zackees – A Cyclist’s Savior

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I cycle. I love riding almost more than I love running. The feeling of freedom you get when flying down the road on a lightweight bicycle that’s fitted to you at nearly 30 miles per hour is exhilarating. Even commuting is great due to the fact that you can slide by traffic jams and in most cities have your own very comfortable lane to ride in. There is one thing that always worries me when I head out, my personal safety.

Enter Zackees, a Kickstarter campaign that is offering a product which I can see myself buying in the near future. The product is a pair of riding gloves that have built in LED turn signals in them that signal to oncoming traffic what your intention is and if you’re a cyclist with any soul, the traffic behind you if you use hand signals. The gloves run off of a flat cell battery like the ones found in watches (though they are making a rechargeable one as well) and are activated by pushing your glove’s thumb contact into the other contact on the glove’s index finger.

I ride when the weather is nice but sometimes the weather doesn’t want to cooperate the entire time on the road especially if you go long distances, that is why these gloves are weatherproofed so that they’re usable during the inclement weather. The gloves are machine washable as long as you remove the battery before washing them. They’re weatherproof, not washing machine proof.

Right now if you check their Kickstarter page, you’ll see that the set that has batteries that need replacing will run you $65 (they had cheaper ones but you’re too late for that!) and the rechargeable ones will run you $99 and supposedly are much brighter and come with a battery charger. That may seem steep to the normal person, but with the extra layer of protection from being hit by a car and costing you Crom knows how much in hospital bills and replacing of your expensive bicycle, it’s a pittance.

I’m considering this heavily because of the night riding I do in the summer to and from work, it’d be nice to have yet another piece of safety “HEY I’M HERE MR. AUTOMOBILE” clothing on. Go check them out.

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