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Zachary Levi Cast in Heroes Reboot

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zachary levi heroes

Did you ever watch Chuck I did, and about the best part of the show was the role that Zachary Levi portrayed as the eponymous spy character.

Well we’ve come to find out that he’s been cast in the lead role for the Heroes reboot/sequel that is obviously still in planning stages considering how little casting there has been. I didn’t exactly watch a whole lot of Chuck, but from what I saw, he’ll bring mountains of charm and ability as a lead character that was sorely missing from the previous actor’s repertoire.

Don’t get me wrong, when the show was firing on all cylinders, I genuinely enjoyed Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli and his power absorbing shenanigans but the main problem is that a good actor working off a bad script makes them look like a bad actor, and that’s hard to defeat unless you have the charisma to make people look past it.

I have no illusions about the new Heroes series except I don’t quite get WHY they feel a need to make more in that universe when they could just as easily move along into a new realm. I get that it’s an established arena and there’s merchandising out the wazoo for them to peddle, but why bring the baggage of 3 bad seasons to remind people of when you can start fresh? If you want to refresh your Heroes memory, just watch Heroes – Season One
and forget about the rest of the series.

I can only hope that the sense of humor that Levi has can aid a show that found itself maudlin more often than not.

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