Robert Chesley

You’ve got some Dead Space in my Dragon Age 2

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According to this teaser trailer, Bioware is teaming up with Visceral Games to include an exclusive armor based on Issac Clarke in Dragon Age 2.

If you recall, if you purchased either “Dragon Age” or “Mass Effect 2” last year you got a code that unlocked a cool armor in both games. This time if you buy “Dead Space 2” you’ll get an armor they are dubbing “Ser Isaac of Clarke.” I imagine since we won’t be seeing “Mass Effect 3” anytime soon this little neat cross promotion got moved to “Dead Space 2”. I won’t lie, I wasn’t actually planning on picking up “Dead Space 2” but now after this, I may give it a second look. What do you think of cross promotional items like this? I also think it is really cool to see other game companies put little homages to other games in their own. I hope I can acquire this another way, but if not, looks like they sold me on a game I wasn’t planning on picking up.

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