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YouTube Offline Mode Coming

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I knew that going to YouTube was the future for Podcasting, now it’s one step closer.

YouTube Offline

First off, drop whatever it is you’re doing and head over to the WPRShows Channel on YouTube where you’ll find not only The Red-Light Roundtable that is broadcast each week, but you’ll also find Ryan Thomason doing his show alongside his son. Ok, now that you’ve gone there and subscribed, we can continue.

YouTube has found a way for you to download shows for a short time (short license or something) that will allow you to watch whatever video you chose without an Internet connection. The details are rather murky at the moment, but on their YouTube Creator Blog they do reference “mobile apps”

This is a real boon to those people that might have a device that works through wi-fi only, where they can grab a clip, an episode, or a music video, hop on their non-broadband city bus and still have entertainment. I think this is cool and a way to potentially dethrone Apple from their podcasting perch. I’m not anti-Apple, I just like competition. It’s great for us consumers.

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