You’re a bit late aren’t you? – Cloverfield Review

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So last night I finally got the chance to watch Cloverfield, and going into it with some people recommending it to me and others not, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I ended up enjoying it and I thought I’d give you a little short review on it. I’m not going to spoil it so I’ll just give you the basics of the story from what you can see in the trailer for the film.  A group of partygoers are saying goodbye to their friend Rob, who is leaving for Japan in what we assume is for a better job.  It’s all running smoothly until there is what sounds like an earthquake. Of course this is New York so that would seem a little strange, but anyway the partygoers go up to the roof of the apartment to see just what the hell happened.  At this point the film takes note of recent events as some people suggest that there may have been another terrorist attack in the city. Of course it’s not a terrorist attack but A MONSTER OH SHIT GET OUTTA HERE. Cue the severed head of the Statue of Liberty from the trailer and the time for panic to ensue. I’ll leave the story at 4 characters who try and escape from New York while not being killed by the monster.

Of course the well known thing about this film is the camerawork. The whole film is played from the viewpoint of an average video camera (saving on an SD Card the intro tells us) being held by just your average guy. So like the videoing of a concert on Youtube, alot of the film involves shakycam, which sounds like a bad idea at first, but the film makes it good enough to watch. (people did experience vomiting though) I thought it made the film seem more personal as it brings you closer into the film through the viewpoint, as if you’re actually in it. Professional Shakycam, if that makes sense. Of course the film does have some traditional monster movie elements, such as destroyed buildings, a useless attack from the army and people running.

I won’t go into things any further but the length of the film was a little disappointing at only 1 hour and 22 minutes and the monster in the end wasn’t exactly the epic creature that they made it out to be. It’s still a pretty cool monster though. The story was also a little confusing but then this film had J.J. Abrams behind it, so you knew what to expect if you’d watched his Lost TV drama. After watching the film and talking to others about it, it seems the film has a Marmite effect. You either liked or enjoyed the film, or you hated it. In my opinion, it gets the thumbs up. It’s a little confusing but a good fun flick. As for Cloverfield 2, well I don’t know whether I’d like it to happen but it probably will happen judging by how well Cloverfield did.

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