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Your TV Reminder This Week: Futurama is BACK!

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So, for those of you guys that love this show, you probably know it’s coming back…THIS THURSDAY June 24th, 2010! Remember to DVR it and watch it, over and over. Whatever we have to do to give the people at comedy central a virtual blowjob so that we can keep getting new episodes. We here are WPR are stoked for this to come back, STOKED! So happy, we even went through the trouble to find you something to remind you why the 5 season of Futurama was so great.

Alright people, if you DON’T KNOW this show, here is a nice 5 seasons recap in 7 minutes. If this doesn’t get you happy, I’m sorry, we can’t be friends. I TRIED to make it an embedded video but I’m internet retarded sometimes, and times a’wastin! Watch the recap straight from Comedy Centrals website.

Click this –>5 Seasons in 7 Minutes, Futurama.

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