Ryan Thomason

Your Nuclear Apocalypse Survival Tip: Potassium Iodide

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All up and down the West Coast, heck, even in Arizona of all places, people are bum rushing Pharmacies and Health Food Stores for one simple thing, Potassium Iodide, why? Let me put my resources as a buyer for health food stores to good use.

We all know that the nuclear reactors in Japan aren’t going so well, which is the key cause of this run on Potassium Iodide. What people are fearing is that a reactor blows up, and a nuclear cloud travels 5000 miles across the Pacific Ocean and radiates the west coast of the US. What Potassium Iodide does after you take it (in pill or drops) is that the stable iodide in the medicine gets absorbed by the thyroid. Because it contains so much stable iodine, the thyroid gland becomes ‘full’ and cannot absorb any more iodine, stable or radioactive for the next 24 or so hours. Essentially it protects from Iodine Radiation, which causes Thyroid Cancer.

So, in the wake of a nuclear fallout, or if a radioactive cloud is heading to your fortifications while you fight off a zombie/mutant hybrid horde, it’s probably best to use this what I call ‘extremely precautionary’ measure. Though, if you’re wanting to stock up today in preparation of some Japanese born radiation cloud, you’re just wasting money. Remember, it has to cross more than 5,000 miles of open ocean separate Tokyo and Los Angeles, and scientists say there is little current risk of increased radiation even in Japan, outside of a narrow swath of land within a few miles of the damaged plant. Save what little is left of the dwindling supply from suppliers and let the Japanese buy it up, they’re the ones who possibly need it the most right now.

After this crisis blows over though, and you’re looking to fill some empty space in your fallout shelter, you should pick some up, it always pays to be prepared. Remember though, these types of things are just little steps in helping you survive a nuclear apocalypse, there are only a thousand other ways you can die from radiation type poisonings.

And that is your Apocalyptic Tip of the day.

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