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You Will Watch ‘Greek’ Next Monday

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Yes, I’m still trying to get you to watch this show. No. I will not stop.

Home Coming and Going, Aired on Monday, and big surprise, I had a blast watching it. Spoilers ahead folks.

Lasker Parkes (Jonathan Silverman), Peter‘s dad (Pledge Spidy, Peter Parkes, Spiderman…get it?), drops by the Kappa Tau house. Cappie feels like he needs to impress him, because well, he’s paying all the pledge class dues with their only 1 pledge, his son. Why do they only have 1 pledge? Well, they threw a big party to impress their first group of pledges and alcohol during pledge week is a no no. They lose all their guys, and can only get someone who is a legacy (their dad was in the frat) to be new members for the year. So, Cappie plans an Everest party for Homecoming, complete with ice luges throughout the house. Yeah, you wish you could party like they do. Lasker wants to know who is Peter‘s big brother in the house is, (think of them as a mentor). Obviously it should be Rusty, the only brainiac in the house, but Peter has someone else in mind. So, to win his little brotherly affections, Rusty decides to steal the A&M goat (I’m guessing it’s their rival). Though, derpy derp, Douchebag Dale and some Omega Chi are trying to steal it too. The Kappa Taus out smarted them and the Rusty/Spidy duo returned back to the insane ice luge party and Rusty got picked to be Peters big brother. It was a good moment for Rusty, and I was happy for him.

I wasn’t too interested in the Casy and Ashleigh plot this episode, Casey is trying to get her to move out of her room and find a job. Though, it looks like Ashleigh found a professor interest instead. Casey ends up getting drunk on Rebecca‘s insistence who gave her like, 8 shots worth of vodka in 2 minutes. She shouldn’t have been functioning after that alone but somehow Casey got to Cappie‘s party. When he discovers her, he helps her return home. They start kissing and eventually sleep together. Yeah, you’re college experience was just as cool right?

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