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You Try to Make a Live Action 1980s Cartoon Movie, People Will MURDER You

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oh god, theyre all nekkid!

Stephen Perry (no, not the Steve Perry from Journey), went missing from his home in Zephyrhills, Florida home almost two weeks ago. The police have officially declared him dead after learning a few more details.

Mr. Perry was probably best known for his work on 80s kids cartoons SilverHawks and ThunderCats (noticing a trend here), and was hard at work on writing the screenplay for the Thunder Cats movie remake that has been rumored for years.

The cops found the arm of who they believe to be Mr. Perry in his van which was also reported as missing at the time of his disappearance, this past Sunday. The police after further investigation of areas around the comic creator’s home also found more human remains in a nearby dumpster, but haven’t said if it is or isn’t Mr. Perry’s remains…though with them declaring Stephen dead, it’s a foregone conclusion.

It’s too bad that a comic creator (check out Time Spirits) and pivotal cartoon creator goes out like this. Mr. Perry is survived by his 5-year old son and ex-girlfriend.


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