Alan Smithee

You Should Be Playing…

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Look closely upon the visage of the most underrated game creator ever.

Brütal Legend and Need for Speed: Shift. Both games have their demos out today. While I’m more interested in seeing what NfS:S can do, I know that many of the MWN guys have chubs for Brütal Legend and have that on their ‘must have’ list for 2009.

You see, we’re a bunch of Tim Schafer fanboys here. Instant 10/10 if the current state of gaming journalism is any indication.

Back to the topic though, both games’ demos are available on PSN and Xbox Live today. I’m personally looking forward to the new Need for Speed demo…I’m looking for a game to replace my unrequited love for Gran Turismo, that might just be the one for me. The commercials were cool and from what I saw at PAX it’s sure to be a blast.

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