You Must Watch This! – Steven Banks’ Home Entertainment Center

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I know I almost exclusively write about horror and exploitation.

This is neither! I was at a friend’s house and I was shown an old VHS copy of this. I had such a great time watching it, I had to bring it to the attention of as many people as I could. How Steven Banks hasn’t gone on to epic stardom, I don’t know. It features Steven Banks performing his live, uncut one man show. I watch this, and wonder how he doesn’t have list of blockbuster movies on his IMDB page, a spot on Saturday Night LIVE, or a current sketch comedy show. He does, however, currently write on Nickelodeon shows, most notably SpongeBob SquarePants.

Watch it! Enjoy it! Share it!

From Wikipedia on Steven Banks:

Banks hit it big when he developed (and starred in) a one-man theatrical show titled Home Entertainment Center – a comedic play about an easily-distracted procrastinator trying to meet a work deadline. He gave 440 performances of Home Entertainment Center at venues like the Canon Theater, Pasadena Playhouse, Marines’ Memorial Theater, and The One Act in San Francisco (where the show ran for eleven months). For his performances, he was awarded the LA Weekly Theater Award, four Drama-Logue Awards, and three San Francisco Bay Area Critic’s Awards. He also performed at the Aspen Comedy festival, the Cast Theater, Callboard Theater, and Las Palmas Theater.

In 1989 Home Entertainment Center achieved national fame when it was filmed and aired on Showtime; the filming was done at the Marines’ Memorial Theater. The show featured original songs written and performed by Banks.

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