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You Know Things Are Bad: When Nintendo Disses Your Handheld

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Is it just me, or does he look like he's groping the machine?President of Nintendo (Satoru Iwata) in an interview with the New York Times recently commented on Apple’s newest creation, the iPad. Coming from the game company to be the first to really stabilize and sensationalize the handheld market, this could be bad.

From the interview:

“(The iPad is basically) a bigger iPod Touch. There were no surprises for me.”

Don’t get me wrong people, I love most of the apple products that I own, shit…sitting on my desk right now is an iPod and an iPhone, but when you have a guy who’s been around for the DS and Wii launches and has essentially turned Nintendo around as a company, you tend to listen to what he has to say about products.

The iPad will be a marginal success I think, but it in no way will kick as much ass as we all hoped it would. Apple and Steve Jobs need to get some damage control going on before the blogosphere eats him alive.

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