Alan Smithee

Yet Another Tron Legacy Trailer

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This is killing me, we’ve got like 30 something days left until this movie is finally upon us and it’s now reaching the point where I shouldn’t watch any more promotional materials for the film because they’re starting to become laden with spoilers, so…you’ve been warned!

So now we know that Kevin disappears into the game world he’s created, and that Clu has taken over that same world while exiling Flynn. We see Alan (Tron from the original) again telling Sam that he’s heard from his dad, and the ubiquitous laser zap into the game world.

We also get to see sooooooo much more special effects and pew pew pew moments that have me sitting at the edge of my chair in anticipation. December 17 can’t come quick enough. It’s a good thing I’ve already taken the day off.

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