Alan Smithee

Yet Another First Look at Captain America

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Hot off the pages of Empire magazine, we get our first full frontal shot of our hero Captain America as he appears in the movie…minus the helmet/mask combo.

Like most Marvel movies recently, I’ve been really apprehensive about how they would turn out, and nothing has changed with Captain America, it’s still going to be Chris Evans vs Hugo Weaving in a World War II era superhero film with over-the-top special effects, costumes, and whatever else comes from budgets this big, so I’m sure it’ll be good fun.

As for all of the worrying whether or not Captain America will do well in countries outside of the US, Chris Evans has stated why he thinks that Cap is a great worldwide symbol:

“I think he’s the ideal human. Not just American. It’s what being a good person is. Steve’s managed to overcome all the shortcomings he’s had in life and he does what’s good and what he believes is right.”

The movie will be released this July.


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