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Yes….Yeeeeeess. Let Your Envy Flow, We Got an UltraSabers to Review

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What’s not to love about a “toy” that from the first time you activate, makes you feel like a kid again (unless you’re already a kid).

ultrasaber apprentice v4

I opened the box containing the UltraSabers, Apprentice V4 (with sound) right in the middle of the living room as my wife sat on the couch. She had a curious look on her face as to why I was so excited. I’m still not 100% sure where my wife stands on the Star Wars universe, but I’m going to say she’s force neutral. When I got the UltraSabers put together (took 30 seconds) I stood there staring at the handle, the lines cut into it. I felt incredibly dorky, yet somehow it was like I was fulfilling something for that the little kid inside me who watched The Empire Strikes Back on his VHS tape one too many times. *note, yes, I’m a supporter of the Empire. Deal with it. It was to my surprise that while I was marveling at how awesome the handle looked I pushed the button on it, assuming nothing would work. It was a button, they must be pressed. My eyebrows lifted as the blade lit up (WPR chose red, duh) and the sound of the lightsaber turning on loudly erupted from the base of the handle. Did I mention there are 8 different sound settings you can pick between? Each distinct and awesome for how you feel is your way in the force. As the grin crept across my face, I spared a glance at my wife. I couldn’t tell if she was pondering why she exactly married me or if she was amused at the sight of me.

Regardless, I did what needed to be done.

ultrasaber apprentice reviewI started swinging that UltraSabers all over the living room like the big kid that I am. Slicing and swinging all over the open space, it’s hard to not do this if you are any kind of Star Wars fan. With the sound options that come with the UltraSabers, the zooming sound as you make each swing it just puts you in a different place. When I was finally done with my display, did some twirling of the saber in my hand before hitting the button to turn it off. I don’t know, it’s just damn awesome as a right out of the box experience. A culmination of movies watched, video games played, and books read. This isn’t something you buy off the shelf at Target and the blade clicks together if you flick it hard enough. A UltraSabers felt like I was an honest to god Sith (or uh, Jedi, I guess), I was expecting to have to wait for it to charge up, but the UltraSabers comes ready to play right out of the box. My wife hasn’t divorced me after my display, so I’m sure she either went back to what she was doing or enjoyed it.

Now, when my son and daughter (8 and 5) got home from school? Take what I did in the paragraph above and times that by a thousand. They took the UltraSabers downstairs, put on the Darth Vader Mask/costume out of the costume box, turned off the lights and did exactly what I did, just with more enthusiasm. Oh and crying/fighting over it, but like a true Sith Lord, I let the anger flow (or maybe I was a responsible parent). The blade lights up in such a way that it doesn’t exactly feel like it’s just light spraying out in all directions to blind you. UltraSaberss uses a special film to control the light exposure and it gives a perfect lighting that doesn’t hurt your eyes in the dark and still looks great during the day. These are actually combat lightsabers and yes, I let my kids put that to the test by whacking the saber around. I honestly did wince a couple of times and asked for it back on many occasions, but after an inspection the blade is still fine, and everything lights up without any issues. That’s a pretty big test for me as a father, if my kids can’t break it, I’m 100% sure that anything I do will ensure that the UltraSabers has a nice long life.

If you have the money to spare, an UltraSabers is right up your alley. I highly, highly suggest checking out the sound option sabers, which start at the $199.99 mark. It is everything that you’d want when buying a saber that adds a dimension that will replace the sounds you’re making in your head. Trust me, it does not sound better in your head. Beware, if you have kids, THEY WILL WANT ONE. Both of my kids want their own, because Dad does not let them continually play with company property.

Plus, when else am I going to be able to get this shot that makes my Empire loving heart fill with sweet, sweet feels.


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