Yep, Another English Guy

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this is the first thing I could find when googling "uniquely british" amazing isn't it?

Hello from jolly ol’ England, I just finished a game of cricket and I’m about to eat some crumpets and a nice cup of tea. Before I do do more stereotypical things however I will give an introduction to one’s self. I’m a 16 year old student who likes hats, games, movies, cars and also talk to about them. Unlike other members of the site I’m fairly new to this sort of thing. I only have my opinion of media but that’s all you need for MediaWhoreNetwork and that’s why I like this place so much.

Right now I’m liking the forums of this site (yes we have them) and all the interesting members that have joined. If you are only reading the main site then you are missing a big part of this community in my very humble opinion. If you haven’t joined already, I recommend you do.

Apart from shamelessly advertising the site’s forums what do I do here? Well to be honest, not much. But I don’t plan for it to stay that way, me and my pal over in the United Kingdom are cooking up a new podcast, Much Adoe About Media. From this we will state our opinions and hopefully get responses from you lovely people. Even at this very moment we are constantly eyeing our email in-box for listener questions.

I am also planning to write more blogs posts here, either to give the world my always right opinion or give our European members some life changing news that you will surely care about.

That’s all for now, be sure to hit me with any questions in the comments section. Please, I insist.

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