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Y’arr, Pirates Be Killing UbiSoft’s Bottom Line

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You cheap bastards out there need to realize that the more and more games that get pirated, the less and less operating revenue that the company has to work with. Case in point is UbiSoft’s record loss of 67% that they claimed as a loss compared to last year.

The CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, says that sales of new and back-catalog games for the DS are being slaughtered by rampant DS piracy in Europe. In an interview with he stated the following.

“Altogether our DS sales are down 67 percent versus last year and this has affected both the back catalog and the new releases, it’s important to note that we do lots of our DS game sales during the summer which is a period where people go for holidays and buy lots of those games. Because this market is slowing down it has a big impact on the second quarter.

Entering the second quarter we expect those trends to continue with much lower than expected sales of back catalog and new releases on DS games.

What we are seeing in Europe, especially on the DS, is that the piracy is strong so we are working to put new figurines and new elements in the box that will change that for the future, but in the short-term it’s affecting us. For example in Europe we have the same market share on DS as last year, so it’s really the market which is declining. Retail, because of that, is less active on the format.”

How does UbiSoft plan on getting you scurvy dogs out and ready to buy their wares?!? By throwing in collectibles with each game sold, of course. This will somehow entice the person who is used to getting everything for free off their asses and into the stores.

Call me skeptical, but I doubt this will work. I’d like to think that the used game market might have something to do with the decline in sales. Sure it’s the pirates, but also the cheap ass second hand game market that so many of us partake in.

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