Xperia Play phone will not play PSN games you already own

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While I don’t know a lot of people who are eagerly anticipating Sony’s new Xperia Play phone, it seems like this is a bit of news that will turn off practically everyone who is interested in it. In a weird move by Sony, your existing PSN accounts will not be compatible with the phone, which means you will not be able to play PSN games you already own without purchasing them again. Now I’m not going to pretend like I was totally interested in this phone, but this is just an extremely foolish move on Sony’s part. I can understand that there may be DRM issues or whatever, but come on, this isn’t cool.

In an interview with Gamespot, Nathan Vautier, executive director at Sony Ericsson, said, “I think the exciting thing is that there are games which people are very, very aware of.” I’m not sure how that’s exciting. People are very aware of what games exist on the PSN, yes, but what people don’t want to do is purchase the game twice. This is just beyond any kind of reasonable explanation, especially since Sony is always touting their products’ abilities to sync up and work together in a futuristic, integrated manner. Anyway, good luck selling that phone now. Sounds to me like Sony has killed what was most likely one of the main selling points for most of their fanbase.

SOURCE: Gamespot UK

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