Alan Smithee

Xopher Eats a Double Down

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So, for lunch today I forgot to bring something healthy, so what did I end up getting for my mid-day meal? You’re dying to see aren’t you?

I went to KFC that’s Kentucky FRIED Chicken, not that lame ass Kitchen Fresh Chicken they tried to make a few years back…straight up 100% worst kind of food you can possibly eat…and I had the worst thing on the menu for me (nutrition wise), the Double Down.

Yes, the mother effing double down sammich! Caution, hot!

I got back to my desk at work with the bag of loot from the KFC opened up the container that had the portrait of the Colonel on the box and proceeded to destroy the brown lump of protein/fat. And I fucking loved every minute of it.

If I had the time, i'd edit this picture putting a halo around the foodstuffs.

It’s hard to place, it’s almost like eating a ghetto cordon bleu, but with a damned good taste…not to mention instead of ham, it’s BACON, something I believe should be on the Periodic Table of elements. It was good, but…will I do it again, HELL NO!!! If you don’t have the tolerance for greasy fast food, be ready for a serious case of the bubbleguts. Other than that, go, eat, and enjoy this Only In America type of food.

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