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Xombi #1 – Review

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David Kim, the XOMBI, a scientist who’s nanotech microscopic virus keeps him unchanging and undying, teams up with a team of nuns, a priest, and a Catholic school girl with super powers to solve a mystery involving a prison that keeps its prisoners at 1:18 scale.

Yeah this book is that fucking awesome.

For those who might not remember the original series that this is restarting, there was a series by John Rozum and J.J. Birch written almost 20 years ago that shared the same name but only garnered 22 total issues (plus crossovers) through DC’s Milestone Media branch.

The series is now back and I have to say that this new arc for the Xombi character is already off to an awesome start. The official title for this book is “The Ninth Stronghold, Part One: Industry” which screams of title parody, but as you read past the quick reintroduction to David Kim’s character, you are quickly thrust into the meat of this issue, the aforementioned prison.

There is one specific prisoner in this 1:18th scale prison that the protagonists are warned must not escape…and I’m sure you can see where I’m headed with this.

It’s good to see the book make a return with it’s creator John Rozum penning the series alongside the most excellent Frazer Irving from Batman and Robin lending his artistic skills to the comic.

What I’m enjoying so far is that Xombi is a reluctant hero that is also a bit of a smartass, and that this book doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. It deals with serious things, but not in a “beat you over the head with the seriousness” that you can get sometimes with DC books. I’m already a fan.

STORY: 97%
ART: 95%

For a first issue I can see no fault at all with this book, the artwork is great and the writing is really solid, and it does what every #1 should do…make me want to read the next issue. The cliffhanger that this book brings up in the last page is nothing short of ominous and looks like it will be one hell of a read.

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