Xbox Live Deal of the Week: Battlefield stuff!

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This deal of the week is pretty good if you haven’t picked up the Vietnam expansion, or you’re looking for an excuse to get into BF 1943. I can personally vouch for the Vietnam expansion. It gave me some great hours of online shooting action and was definitely worth the full price of admission at 1200 points ($15), so you can’t go wrong with the discounted price of 600 points ($7.50). The rest of the list is pretty nice too if you are interested in picking up all things Battlefield. Check out the list below.

Battefield: Bad Company 2 – Vietnam 1200 600 ($7.50)
Onslaught Mode 400 200 ($2.50)
Kit Short-cut Bundle Pack 1200 600 ($7.50)
SPECACT Upgrade Bundle 480 240 ($3.00)
Battlefield 1943 1200 600 ($7.50)

The Onslaught mode is definitely worth the 200 point price and it looks like it might be time to finally pick up BF 1943. This should all be enough to get you hyped for Battlefield 3 and get you through that painful wait until this holiday season.

SOURCE: Major Nelson

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