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Xbox 360 Pricemania 2009!

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and just like that...america's wallets grew two sizes larger and people started snatching up systems for each room of the house

Ok whores, I’ve seen tons and tons of posts all over the internet about price changes and SKUs and all sorts of other shit that Microsoft has finally come out and said that they’re doing. I’ve decided to put it all in one convenient place to help cut down on the confusion.

  • Aaron Greenberg says no Xbox 360 Slim, but I dont believe him since the company obviously has something in place for when Natal comes out…also never forget the transparent Xbox Fats.
  • Xbox 360 Pro SKU will be dropped (confirmed from Europe) due to a need to “clarify the machine’s SKU-base”, whatever that means.
  • Xbox 360 Arcade will see a price hike from £129.99 to £159.99 due to ‘exchange rates’, not corporate greed.
  • There will no longer be a packed in HDMI cable with your Xbox 360 Elite. Microsoft says this gives consumer MORE choice when it comes which cables they want to use…you know when you go out and buy your own so that MS doesn’t have to pay for them anymore.
    Elite Price drop: for us to 299.99, for uk to 199.99
  • Like we posted before Microsoft has finally confirmed that the Xbox 360 Elite will drop to $299.99. The leftover stock of the Xbox 360 Pro models will be offered at $249.99, and the Xbox 360 Arcade units will remains at $200.
  • European consumers can now get the Xbox 360 Elite at it’s new price point of £199.99 in the UK and €249.99 starting tomorrow, August 28.
  • Greenberg says that the hardware problems that were to blame for the 54% failure rate of most of the Xbox 360 stock have been resolved and are “well behind us”. He attributes this to lower-heat chipsets and better cooling that was implemented. He also made a point to let us know that if you DO happen to have issues, their 3 year warranty still covers your E74s and RRoDs.
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