Xbox 360 DLC coming to GAME

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UK Games Retailer GAME have announced today they have reached an agreement with Microsoft that will let them sell Xbox 360 DLC in store.Similar to Xbox Live Points Cards and Xbox Gold Membership Cards, customers will be able to purchase DLC codes that they can then redeem on their consoles. It is being done so that customers who don’t have access to credit cards or have limited online access will be able to get DLC and XBLA titles. While this is possible with points cards, Microsoft’s archaic spacebucks mean that you always have a few points left over due to the odd 2100 points standard package. Prices for content will start at £2.04 and will be individually priced, eliminating this problem entirely. As someone who uses point cards such as myself, this is great news, especially if I can get Rock Band DLC this way. Like all GAME stock, you will be able to trade in games and consoles towards DLC and GAME reward card members will get reward points. Currently, the feature is in a trial process at 40 GAME stores across the UK.

Personally, I think this is a great idea, mainly because I can work in actual money that exists, but also because there’s always a chance that GAME will have occasional discounts on DLC, more so than Microsoft. Not that they’re anywhere near the cheapest in terms of games, but it gives a different option to being tied to the prices set by Microsoft and their monopoly money. Of course, the opposite could happen and DLC in store will be more expensive. We’ll have to just wait and see for now.

Source: MCV

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