XBLA Minecraft to be Ported by 4J Studios

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4J is in your Xbox porting your games.

Scottish developer 4J Studios has been confirmed to be the team porting Minecraft to the Xbox Live Arcade platform. We all knew it was coming, but whether it was going to be Mojang AB themselves or a 3rd party was yet to be announced.

They ported Oblivion to PS3 and Perfect Dark to Xbox360! It’s 4J Studios: http://t.co/vG8Np8n

You heard it right, the team that brought you Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie to XBLA is porting Minecraft to your 360. I’ve played a few of their ports and they work perfectly fine to me so we can hopefully expect the same fantastic job. Hope that helps all you addicts sleep at night. [Twitter]

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