WWE All Stars demo coming March 22nd

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The game that could either be good or absolutely horrible. A WWE All Stars demo will be coming to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on March 22nd and 23rd respectively. The demo will allow you to choose from two wrestlers, the Ultimate Warrior from the legends side and Rey Mysterio from the current day side. There are four different wrestler classes in this mode and the Warrior is part of the brawler class (which the press release describes as button-mash friendly) where as Mysterio is part of the acrobat class. The demo will also feature 2 player local multiplayer, just incase you happen to have a friend around, but lets be honest, you’re a video game fan, you don’t have friends.

I still have no idea what to think about WWE All Stars. As you may recall, I enjoyed WWE Legends of Wrestlemania, and thought it was a starting point for a long stagnant WWE franchise, but it appears they’ve gone even more arcade like in this, to the point where the wrestlers look more pumped with steroids than they actually do in real life. It could either pay off or be a huge disaster. I also don’t like the fact that this game features modern wrestlers, but I can live with that. Even if the gameplay this good, the game will only stand out by its number of different match types and customisation options. Legends of Wrestlemania was lacking in game types and while the create a wrestler feature was really good, it was about as user friendly as an Apple product (satire!) and still had a 30 wrestler limit, a stupid feature in an age of huge hard drives. Still, the demo will give us an impression of whether the game is fun to play or not.

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