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WTF Ziff Davis?

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It came as no surprise to me that EGM has been shitcanned. In my opinion, we knew that print media was on the way out for a long time. Though for some reason, the entire blogging scene (I refuse to use blogosphere) is reeling from the announcement.

I don’t quite understand everyone’s ZOMG reaction; I gave up on EGM years ago. The only thing that made my eyes bulge is that the company was almost half-a-billion in debt.

Maybe it has something to do with the community that’s grown around EGM’s online counterpart 1-UP. That has to be it, now that it will be owned by another company, people have their panties in a wad about it.

I might be one of the only forward looking people that sees this as an opportunity, there will be thousands of people looking to get their news elsewhere if the current management does a bad job of managing the site. I’m of the mind that gaming belongs to the gamers, not the companies that profit from controlling their audiences.

The only negative that I can see in this is that Game Informer is still in business, which is a travesty. That magazine should just die, yet it stays around like Magic Johnson because of the forced subscriptions from GameStop.

King3vbo’s Opinion


For me, the news of Ziff Davis being sold to the owners of UGO was very shocking. I won’t lie, you could almost see it coming. Ziff Davis’s poor management of 1up, EGM, and it’s other magazines is the stuff of legends for the gaming press, as several ex-employees have gone into detail about. Regardless, the 1up network was, in my opinion, an important part of the gaming press. Let’s not forget Electronic Gaming Monthly, which I’ve had a subscription to since elementary school. I’m really sad to see EGM go; what am I going to read in the bathroom now?

But on a more serious note, the 1up network had many talented people working for it. 1up Yours and GFW Radio are the first podcasts I started listening to, and they brought me into the world of podcasting to the point that now I am a part of several different shows. Jeff Green, former head editor for Games For Windows Magazine, is an excellent writer and someone I strive to be like in my own writing. Without EGM, there would be no Seanbaby. I was always impressed with and their entertaining yet informative take on gaming news and enthusiast press.

Seeing the death of the important podcasts, magazine, and website contained within the 1up network is quite sad. My condolences go out to the men and women fired yesterday, and I hope they are able to make it through this tough time. I think Jeff Green put it best when he said: “We will do our best to do what we can, despite the fact that they gutted us. This fucking sucks.”

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