Wrestlemania 25 Predictions

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I’m a wrestling fan, and not ashamed to admit it. And yes I know it’s fake =P.So with the biggest show of the year tomorrow, I figured I’d chime in with predictions of what will occur and to fill people in with what is going on in the matches themselves. So hit the jump to find out what you need to know and what I think will happen.

Chris Jericho vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
Storyline is that Jericho started to attack legends in a bid to get Ric Flair to face him, who retired at Wrestlemania last year. Instead Flair has gotten his friends to wrestle for him. Honestly, I don’t like this match. Jericho wins, big deal. He took out three people who can’t wrestle anymore. Jericho loses, he just lost to three old guys. Ric Flair and Mickey Rourke are at ringside for this match, so expect them to get involved in some way and cause Jericho to lose.

Winner: Legends

25 Diva Battle Royal
Along with the current Divas, others will return to join in the match. We know or heard Trish Stratus, Lita, Jackie Gayda-Hass, and a few others. Really this is an excuse to get the T&A on the show, No way I can pick a winner. Just expect some comedy spots and a chance to mark at seeing some old favorites.

Winner: My penis

Money in the Bank Ladder Match – Kane vs CM Punk vs Finlay vs Kofi Kingston vs Mark Henry vs MVP vs Shelton Benjamin vs Christian
For those who have never seen this, the briefcase at top has a contract that allows you to challenge for a Title at ANY time. Even when the champ is injured or down and out. Ok, let’s eliminate the obvious ones. Kane and Mark Henry have no chance in hell of winning and they’re really here to serve as the muscle and to help put people out of the ring so highspots can happen. CM Punk had it last year, and they really didn’t give him a great run, so don’t expect that. Best bet is Christian, who has just returned to the WWE. This would be a great way to move him to Raw or Smackdown. I could see MVP or Shelton Benjamin as well. Benjamin could win it as a surprise then end up being the first MITB winner to lose their cash in match. I’ll go with Christian.

Winner: Christian

Shawn Michaels vs the Undertaker
Ok, if anyone would break Taker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania, it would have to be a main eventer. Michaels would be one of the ones I would think do it. But the streak is special, so I’m gonna say it doesn’t happen..

Winner: Undertaker

Tag Title Unification Match – WWE Tag Team Champions Primo and Carlito Colon vs World Tag Team Champions Miz and Morrison – Lumberjack Match
Let’s face it, there’s not really a tag team division to begin with and hasn’t been one for years. Miz and Morrison are the best (and one of the funniest) thing to happen tag team wise in the last few years, and nothing has been done with the Colons since they won the titles. Miz and Morrison win this one.

Winner: Miz and Morrison

Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy – Extreme Rules match
This could steal the show. Jeff Hardy has a series of misfortunes at the end of last year before and after winning the WWE title. Everyone assumed that Edge or a returning Christian was behind it, but it ended up being his own brother. As much as I expect a happy ending for the feud, I say there’s more mileage that WWE can get out of it, so I say Matt cheats to win setting up a rematch where Jeff wins it.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Intercontinental Title – JBL(c) vs Rey Mysterio
JBL is rumored to be retiring again. He recently made comments about making history, so with Tazz quitting WWE (he was the Smackdown announcer) my guess is that JBL wins this match (Rey beat JBL this week) and then goes on to announce the rest of the Wrestlemania matches. Thus, he ends on a historic night.

Winner: JBL

World Heavyweight Championship – Edge(c) vs John Cena vs Big Show
Stupid story for the match. Vickie Guerrero, Smackdown’s General Manager is married to Edge, but has been cheating on him with Big Show. Cena used this knowledge to get into the match by blackmail, and here we are. Big Show doesn’t win this, leaving the other two. I say leave the title on Edge to set up possible feuds with the MITB winner. Besides Edge is more entertaining than Cena with the title.

Winner: Edge

WWE Championship – Triple H(c) vs Randy Orton
Best storyline in quite some time in the WWE. Basically, Orton was diagnosed with a condition that meant he didn’t control his actions, which included attacking Vince, Shane and Stephanie McMahon. After a brutal assault, Triple H showed up and finally it was acknowledged onscreen that Triple H and Stephanie were married. Over the following weeks, Triple H attacked Orton at his home, and Orton returned the favor by handcuffing Triple H, attacking Stephanie and kissing her while she lay unconscious in front of her husband.Then Orton announced he knew what he was doing all along and that this was a seething revenge for what Triple HHH had done to him in the past when he was in Evolution with him. This match needs to be violent and bloody, though with WWE’s recent move back to more PG rating (hell, Cena’s F-U was renamed the Attittude Adjustment) I don’t think we’ll quite get the level this needs to be at. Don’t forget Orton has Legacy (Ted DiBiase Jr and Cody Rhodes) who will probably get involved, I say Orton wins, and this feud keeps going.

Winner: Randy Orton

Join me on Monday, where I’ll talk about the show itself. Have a good weekend!

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