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WPR’s Viz Media Giveaway! [UPDATED!]

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My fellow otaku, weeaboo, and other terms of affection for us fans of all things Japanese, I come to you today with a contest so awesome that I’m literally giddy as I type this.

You might have noticed that we talk a lot about Viz Media when we talk anime or manga, and with their presence in the United States being backed by the manga giant Shueisha and the just as large Shogakukan, it’s easy to see how we can always have something to say about their products. I mean, this is the company responsible for publishing One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, and soooooo many other stories through their Weekly Shonen Jump series in Japan.

You guys aren’t here for a history lesson or a crash course in Manga 101, you’re here to win stuff!

That’s good because we’ve been given a hefty grab bag of prizes that we will be giving out to three (3) lucky winners from our community! And just like our last giveaway, we’re giving you multiple chances to enter this contest. All we ask for you to do to be entered is:

  • Like WatchPlayRead on Facebook (1 entry)
  • Follow WatchPlayRead on Twitter (1 entry)
  • Retweet this post (1 entry)
  • Share this link on your Facebook wall (1 entry)
  • Comment on this post here on WPR, on Facebook, or both with the following “Viz Media と が大好き!” (1 entry for each)
  • Join our FORUM and post one reply or start a new thread (1 entry)

If you do all of the items above, you’ll have a grand total of six (6) entries into this contest. The contest will be going from the moment this post goes up until 12:01 AM on the 2nd of June 2011.

If you’re chosen as a winner, you your two co-winners will automatically receive a copy of Death Note Black Edition Volume 1 which contains the first two volumes of the amazing Death Note manga in one giant book and a copy of issue #100 of Monthly Shonen Jump in English. After that, we will be giving first pick of five (5) of any combination of items listed below to our first prize winner. Second prize will receive their pick of four (4) items remaining, and third prize will get the remaining four items.

Now for the fun part, what you will be splitting between the other contestants if you’re picked as a winner.


  • Death Note Black Edition Volume 2 (contains volumes 3 & 4 of the manga)
  • Kingyo Used Books Volume 1
  • March Story Volume 1
  • Dorohedoro Volume 1
  • Ai Ore! Volume 1
  • Blue Exorcist Volume 1
  • Maoh Juvenile Remix Volume 1

    • DVD & BLU-RAY

    • Death Collection (Blu-ray), contains both Death Note live-action movies
    • Detroit Metal City (live action DVD)
    • Battle League Horumo (live action DVD)
    • Kamikaze Girls (live action DVD)
    • One of two copies of Vampire Knight Guilty Volume1 (DVD), contains episodes 1-4

    After we tally all of the entries and make our random selection for all three winners, we will update this post announcing the three winners and we will contact them to claim their prizes.

    I wish you all a hearty がんばって (ganbatte! = good luck) and would like to thank you for visiting WatchPlayRead!


    • First Place – Alex MacDonald
    • Second Place – MouseMoose
    • Third Place – Kyle Steenblik

    I will be making contact with you three over the weekend and will be getting the prizes out to you as soon as the selection process is completed. Thanks to all who participated and a special thanks to Viz Media for providing the swag to give away.

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