Ryan Thomason

WPR’s Salt Lake City Advance Screening of BOURNE LEGACY!

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What? No Matt Damon?

Well, I guess Jeremy Renner will do in a pinch. With a bunch of newcomers to this movie, and even more of the old cast coming back I’m ready to see where this film takes the Jason Bourne movies that Matt Damon starred in. Who wants to come watch it with us?

WHEN: Tuesday, August 7th, @ 7PM
WHERE: The Gateway, SLC
HOW TO WIN: Text the word TREADSTONE and your zip code to 43549! (ex. TREADSTONE 80302) Yup, it’s that easy to get two guaranteed seats. Don’t worry about your email going into some database, all the phone numbers that text to this number will be purged after the winner is picked. :)

THE BOURNE LEGACY opens in theaters on August 10.

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