Ryan Thomason

WPR’s Official Screening of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4!

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I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m too much of a scaredy-pants wuss to see any of these movies, but my inability to watch scary movies and not cry for weeks on end when any noises emit within my house shouldn’t stop you!

WHEN: Thursday, October 18th @ 7pm
WHERE: Salt Lake City, UT
HOW TO GET IN: Go to GOFOBO Print out your voucher, show up EARLY to the screening on the day of and redeem for tickets! The theater has been overbooked to ensure full capacity so make sure you get there with time to spare!

Check out the Paranormal Movie Website and/or watch the trailer below! Because I won’t do either, yes, I’m a wimp. I’m going to go hide now.

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