Ryan Thomason

WPR’S Official Salt Lake City Advance Screening of SKYFALL!

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We’ll take our advance screening, with Junior Mints, Frozen.

See what I did there? I’m feeling so witty. Daniel Craig, James frigging Bond, what else do I need to say? Really, if I have to sell you on a James Bond movie, then you should just tell all your friends to snap up the tickets instead of your lovely self. Though, we want YOU to be there with us!

WHEN: Wednesday, November 7th @ 7PM
WHERE: The Gateway, Salt Lake City
HOW TO GET IN: Go to GOFOBO.COM and enter our special code WPRYZU3 print off your vouchers, drink a Heineken and punch a bad guy in the face (or that jerk neighbor). Hop into a random persons car and drive to the theater EARLY on the day of to redeem your voucher for tickets. EARLY. This screening is overbooked to ensure full capacity.

Can’t wait to see all you fancy pants there! I’ll be at this screening personally, in a Tux, so I should be easy to find.

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