Ryan Thomason

WPR’S Official Salt Lake City Advance Screening of RED DAWN!

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Ok, maybe as a kid, I saw the original and I was all, “Oh man this is so awesome!” Reflecting back, I chalk it up to just being a dumb kid. Regardless, it’s one of those 1980’s Soviet Communist Red Scare vote Republican things that always sticks out because of it’s absurdity of a bunch of High School kids taking back their town from the Russian army that had invaded and over took it. Oh, and Patrick Swayze.

Swayze has been replaced with Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. This movie has been on the shelf for years, suffering from setbacks because at first the reboot had China invading, not wanting to displease one of our freinemies, everything Chinese was taking out and replaced with a totally understandable North Korea. Yes, it’s going to be one of those movies you have to watch because well, it’s just going to be awesome in a weird kind of way.

WHEN: Tuesday, November 13th @ 7pm
WHERE: The Gateway, Salt Lake City
HOW TO GET IN: Visit GOFOBO.com and enter the code: WPRNMYH to download your complimentary pass. (Please note: Each pass admits 1. Limit 2 passes per person while limited supplies last. Passes are on a first come, first serve basis.) Passes do not guarantee admission as screening is overbooked. ARRIVE EARLY.

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