Ryan Thomason

WPR’S Official Salt Lake City Advance Screening of Hitchcock!

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Yes, it’s a movie about that really famous guy who did movies or something? I kid, I kid! Anyways, I’ll just make a graceful exit before I ruin any opportunity to get you guys into this advance screening for Free! If you’re curious The film takes place during the making of Hitchcock’s seminal movie Psycho.

When: Tuesday, December 11 @ 7pm
Where: The Gateway Megaplex in Salt Lake City
How to Get in: Go to GOFOBO, and print off your voucher! Make sure you show up to the theater a couple of hours early to redeem it for a ticket, the theater is overbooked to ensure full capacity. So make a date night out of it, get there early, get your tickets and eat at the food court with the rest of us cheap bastards.

See you at the screening!

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