Ryan Thomason

WPR’s Official PORTLAND Advance Screening of Hansel &Gretel: Witch Hunters

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You know, having some mean old witch try to bake you alive so she could eat you in her house made out of candy might make you want to kill all witches.

Hansel & Gretel Poster Art

WHEN: Thursday, January 24th @ 8pm
WHERE: Tigard, OR
HOW TO GET IN: Go to GOFOBO and print off your voucher, show up EARLY to the theater and redeem for your tickets! I mean it, show up EARLY the theater is overbooked to ensure capacity. We want all of you guys there with us!

That’s it! Come join us, and watch some witches get what’s coming to them. I hope Hansel & Gretel get to eat some candy at least.

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