WPR’s New Year’s Resolutions

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Image courtosy of: http://www.ideashelper.com/images/new-years-resolution-ideas.jpg

Image courtosy of: http://www.ideashelper.com/images/new-years-resolution-ideas.jpg

It’s that time of the year again, the time where we make grandiose
promises to ourselves in the hopes that we keep them up throughout the
year. Whether we stay fast to our resolutions or let them lapse in the
passage of the year is really of not much consequence except to
ourselves, yet it’s a ritual that we all tend to take part in each year
with varied success.With that in mind, I’d like to be the first
here to welcome you to the new year and also be the first to share with you
our staff’s resolutions for the 365 days that make up our trip around
the sun. I do realize that it’s a few days past the actual new year’s day, but damn it, it’s the sentiment that counts correct?

Xopher Reed

I have some huge plans for this
year, a couple of them are your standard “lose weight, exercise more”
and the other, well, is pretty personal regarding life, love, and the
pursuit of my passions…one of which is this website here.

As for the weight and exercise, I have started a 2,015 miles in 2015
campaign that I will be using as a fundraiser which will leave me
running 40 miles a week for the entire 52. I’m really holding out hope
that this will help out with the weight loss, and really, it couldn’t
hurt right?

I have high hopes for this site in 2015 most of them
being steady increase in readership and our foray into new media where I
think many of the personalities of this website would excel. I would
love to have this be my real job instead of my Clark Kent job as it is
right now, and I know most of the senior staff, editors, and writers
feel the same.

Stefani Sloma

new year, everyone! I hope you had a fun (and safe) celebration – unless
you’re like me and you celebrated with reading and watching
Once Upon a Time because I know you had fun. :)

I try not to make any resolutions because they don’t last long, but I have a few really simple ones.

1. Go to at least three places I’ve never been before.
2. Make more.
3. Paint more.
4. Write more.
5. Stress less.

I’ve also decided to stop drinking soda. I did this for about four months
last year and I felt better but then I craved a Barq’s root beer and
gave in. :/

Adrienne Fox

So yeah, it’s 2015. Happy New Year!

I can’t say that today showed any substantial changes from 2014: reading
comics and watching soccer, horror flicks, and The
. My resolution for 2015 is to make my time matter
and be more in tune with the moment. My to do list for 2015 is already
long and I will not achieve goals or accomplish tasks if I am
continually multi-tasking. I will also learn to love burpees and embrace
the kettle bell in 2015.

Kyle Steenblik

Every new year I make resolutions, remembering last year when I made
resolutions I failed to keep. It has taken a while, but I realized my
string of broken resolutions were far too ambitious. Ambitious may not
be the right word, maybe too optimistic.  Saying “I am going to lose 100
pounds” feels good, but constantly fails because the goal should be to
change the habits that lead to being overweight in the first place. This
year, I am not going to overshoot my goals.

This year I will cut back my intake of empty calories, alcohol, sugar, and other simple
carbohydrates. I plan to cut out almost all red meat, most meat
actually. The plan here is to shift my dietary habits away from the
hedonistic ones I had developed. The details of this plan are not very
interesting, unless you are interested in the culinary arts surrounding
legumes. (I am! ~ XR)

The more interesting goals have to do with
my daily production of words. I plan to write them. Every day may be a
little too enthusiastic, but that is where I am going to start. Every
day, if I can, I will write something. In the past, I had said “this
year I will finish my book” and when my goal began to seem unattainable I
would give up entirely, almost. The point is the goal of consistently
working is more attainable. It’s all about forming good habits, to
replace bad ones.

Kaitlyn Booth

My big resolution this year is to send my manuscript to agents. I’ve been
sitting on this thing for a really long time and I’ve always been too
afraid to send it mostly worried I’d take the rejection poorly. I need
to put on my big girl pants and send it out though and it’s something I
really need to do this year.

I also want to lose weight but I always want to lose weight.

Ryan Thomason

  • Start my Usher Syndrome Awareness campaign/401c
  • Weight loss, 20lbs
  • Run a 5k 3x a week as training and start doing real races
  • Triple the volume of WPR traffic
  • Travel more so I can check stuff off my “Stuff to see before I go Blind” list.

Jasen Mortensen

New year resolutions seem so arbitrary to me, but it’s become such a ritual
in our society I suppose I better play along to better assimilate amongst you humans.

My resouloution is simple: be happy.

Losing weight would be nice but it’s kind of a shallow desire. I want to be
healthy but healthy isn’t necessarily skinny. So this year I’m going to
try to oust some of my unhealthy habits.

Working harder would certainly earn me some feelings of accomplishment. 2014 was a tough year
with my promotion. My life seemed very exclusive to my job. I do plan
on taking another promotion this year if I don’t decide to go back to
school and get a less physically taxing job. My goal is to find what I
want to do and do it.

Relationships are tough (especially when
you’re as creepy as I am.) I don’t know what I’ll be doing with this
part of my life because you can’t always have what you know would make
you happiest. So I’m going to find something that’ll make me happy and
be humble about. After all love is a pretty humbling emotion.

I can go on forever but the main thing here is that I’m going to try and
be happy regardless of my situation. Find the positivity in everything.
Mitigate the negative, and try to look at things in different ways.

I want to take Ryan someplace fun this year. Help him tick off one of
his places to see before he goes blind. I have no excuse to ignore the
beautiful things around me. Taking the simple things like sight and
hearing for granted just feels wrong.

Brian West

I’ve never been one to put much stock into New Years resolutions. Making
bold proclamations about hard to reach goals just because it’s a new
year has always seemed like setting yourself up for failure. That said, I
do strive every year to be honest with myself about my many flaws with
the goal and intent of becoming a better version of myself.  So if I had
a resolution I guess it would be to give this year’s upgraded version
of me (the Mark 37 if anyone’s keeping track) some clarity and focus, so
I can figure out what the hell I want to do with my life and then throw
myself wholeheartedly at it.

I’ve worked really hard and I’m already very proud of what I’ve accomplished with my life, but I
honestly feel like there might be something more somewhere inside me
that could take me places even better. This year I’d like to finally
discover it.

And of course lose weight.

That is all.

Let us know what you dear reader are trying to change in your life this
year, it doesn’t have to be something huge, it could be something as
simple as eat more ham. We’d love to know via your comments. I plan on
visiting this again mid year to see how everyone is progressing. This is
the year!

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