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WPR’s Box Office Report September 21

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Box Office Report September 18-20

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trails opened strong over the weekend, picking up $30.3 million, or half of its production budget.  This should not be surprising as YA film fans flock to the theaters regardless of a film’s quality (or lack thereof).  Black Mass had a respectable opening bringing in $22.6 million; this film is expected to be a slow burner so it will pick up much more as it ages.  The Visit dropped in popularity by half, 54.5% to be exact, but it already earned eight times its production budget.  The Perfect Guy took the biggest hit, dropping from the number one spot to fourth, after losing 62.3% of its audience.  Everest had a very respectful opening in IMAX only, taking in $7.2 million, and opening wide this week.  War Room, A Walk in the Woods, Mission: Impossible- Rouge Nation, and Straight Outta Compton maintained their positions respective to each other.  Meanwhile the indie film Grandma expanded into an additional 931 theatres after 5 weeks.  This marks the beginning of the fall movie season, which is also award season.  Expect to see some fantastic films coming out the remainder of the year, and along with those surprise hits, will be the surprising disappointments.

TW LW Title Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count /Change Average Total Gross Budget Week 
1 N Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Fox $30,316,510 3,791 $7,997 $30,316,510 $61 1
2 N Black Mass WB $22,635,037 3,188 $7,100 $22,635,037 $53 1
3 2 The Visit Uni. $11,566,400 -54.5% 3,148 +79 $3,674 $42,564,720 $5 2
4 1 The Perfect Guy SGem $9,751,801 -62.3% 2,230 +9 $4,373 $41,462,273 $12 2
5 N Everest (2015) Uni. $7,222,035 545 $13,251 $7,222,035 $55 1
6 3 War Room TriS $6,215,991 -20.0% 1,945 +298 $3,196 $49,054,653 $3 4
7 4 A Walk in the Woods BG $2,808,717 -40.8% 2,158 +19 $1,302 $24,868,233 3
8 5 Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Par. $2,213,360 -46.0% 2,202 -447 $1,005 $191,695,570 $150 8
9 6 Straight Outta Compton Uni. $1,907,980 -51.4% 1,938 -874 $985 $158,859,240 $28 6
10 Grandma (2015) SPC $1,501,101 +133.2% 1,061 +931 $1,415 $3,694,820 $0.6 5

Opening in theaters this week

The Green Inferno

New York college student Justine (Lorenza Izzo), a lawyer’s daughter, meets a student activist named Alejandro (Ariel Levy) when he goes on a hunger strike on behalf of underpaid janitors. Smitten, Justine agrees to help Alejandro undertake his next project: to save the Amazon. She soon learns to regret her decision when their plane crashes in the Peruvian jungle and she and the rest of their group are taken captive by a tribe of hungry cannibals.

Hotel Transylvania 2

Now that Dracula (Adam Sandler) has opened the Hotel Transylvania’s doors to humans, things are changing for the better; however, Drac is secretly worried that his half-human grandson, Dennis, isn’t showing his vampire side. So, while Mavis and Johnny are away, Drac enlists his friends to help him put the boy through a “monster-in-training” boot camp. But things really get batty when Drac’s cantankerous, old-school dad (Mel Brooks) pays an unexpected visit.

The Intern

Starting a new job can be a difficult challenge, especially if you’re already retired. Looking to get back into the game, 70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) seizes the opportunity to become a senior intern at an online fashion site. Ben quickly becomes popular with his younger co-workers, including Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway), the boss and founder of the company. Whittaker’s charm, wisdom and sense of humor help him develop a special bond and growing friendship with Jules.

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