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WPR’s Box Office Report: March 9

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News Bytes:

The Hollywood Reporter announced Jessie Usher has been cast, along with Liam Hemsworth, joining Jeff Goldbum for Independence Day 2.

Variety reports that Ethan Hawk and Denzel Washington are teaming up again for a Magnificent Seven remake, along with Chris Pratt and Haley Bennett.

Netflix has announce release dates for original series as follows: Bloodline (March 20), Inspector Gadget (March 27), Derek – Special (April 3), Marvel’s Daredevil (April 10), Grace and Frankie (May 8), Sense8 (June 5), Orange is the New Black – Season 3(June 26), Wet Hot American Summer (July 17), and Crouching Tiger: The Green Destiny (August 28).  Netflix has also announced they will be collaborating with Leonardo DiCaprio on upcoming documentary and docu-series projects with a particular focus on environmental and conservation themes.  DiCaprio will serve as producer or executive producer for all projects launched through the partnership.

Variety is reporting that Jennifer Lawrence will star in Steven Spielberg’s It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life Love and War, a film based on the memoir of international photojournalist Lindsey Addario.

Emma Watson cleverly announced Luke Evans and Dan Stevens will be joining her as Gaston and Beast in the upcoming live action Beauty and the Beast via Twitter.

On Thursday March 5, Harrison Ford managed an emergency landing of his vintage WW2 single engine aircraft on Penmar Golf Course after the aircraft experienced engine failure on takeoff from Santa Monica Airport.  Ford was taken to UCLA Hospital where he is undergoing treatment for non-life threatening injuries that include fractures and head trauma.  No one else was injured, which is seen by many as a credit to Ford’s talent as a pilot.  He flew like Han Solo, and landed like Indiana Jones, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Box Office Results:

This WPR Box Office Report shows that predictions I made last weekend turned out to be more or less accurate.  Fifty Shades of Grey slipped from the number four spot to six after losing another 46.9% of its audience.  While Kingsman: The Secret Service only lost 30.1%, moving from second to fourth, having been displaced by new arrivals Chappie and The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  Chappie, opened with a disappointing $13.3 million for such a highly anticipated movie.  I believe this is mostly due to audience apprehension and fatigue.  Focus managed to hang on in second but took a 46.4% hit.  The surprise this weekend was The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel which is the first sequel for Fox Searchlight, and is only running in 1,573 theaters.  That makes the $8.6 million opening all the more impressive.  At the bottom of the top ten is Unfinished Business, the impressive bomb only brought in $4.8 million its opening weekend.  The worst opening weekend of Vince Vaughn’s career.  Overall it was a very small weekend for movies, and next weekend may not be the draw theaters were hoping.  With family friendly Cinderella and the parenting film of the year Run All Night failing to draw too much excitement.  This pre-summer film season is off to a sluggish start, but it is also still very early.

TW LW Title (click for our review) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count /Change Average Total Gross Budget Week 
1 N Chappie Sony $13,300,000 3,201 $4,155 $13,300,000 $49 1
2 1 Focus (2015) WB $10,020,000 -46.4% 3,323 $3,015 $34,573,000 $50.1 2
3 N The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel FoxS $8,600,000 1,573 $5,467 $8,600,000 1
4 2 Kingsman: The Secret Service Fox $8,300,000 -30.1% 3,101 -181 $2,677 $98,028,000 $81 4
5 3 The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water Par. $7,000,000 -35.3% 3,097 -370 $2,260 $148,993,000 $74 5
6 4 Fifty Shades of Grey Uni. $5,604,000 -46.9% 2,788 -595 $2,010 $156,448,000 $40 4
7 6 McFarland, USA BV $5,318,000 -32.1% 2,792 +27 $1,905 $29,426,000 3
8 5 The Lazarus Effect Rela. $5,100,000 -50.0% 2,666 $1,913 $17,400,000 $3.3 2
9 8 The DUFF LGF $4,850,000 -29.4% 2,559 -63 $1,895 $26,116,000 $8.5 3
10 N Unfinished Business Fox $4,800,000 2,777 $1,728 $4,800,000 $35 1
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