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WPR’s Box Office Report: June 9th

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Greetings, and welcome back to WPR’s Box Office Report, there is a lot that has happened and I will try to keep it brief, in fact, I might just ignore a whole bunch of stuff.  The box office top ten is a massive collection of new films, many of which audiences have decided are just not good enough.  Starting with the oldest film, Avengers: Age of Ultron, which has been running strong domestically, and going completely crazy overseas is now sitting firmly in fifth place in the all time worldwide gross list, at $1,349.1 billion, behind Furious 7 which has earned $1.510.1 billion, which is behind Avengers, which earned $1.515.6 billion.  I do think Age of Ulton will gross over the 1.518 billion mark, and Furious 7 is likely to struggle to earn much more.  The next oldest films, at 4 weeks old, Mad Max: Fury Road and Pitch Perfect 2, one of these films is doing incredibly well, and one is not doing as well as it should.  If you are not sure which is which, I’ll give you a clue, Mad Max is not doing as well as it should,  in fact Warner Bros. has only made about $500 million off this film, while that is not bad, we are in an era where a single blockbuster can earn a studio half a billion dollars in 6 weeks.  Meanwhile Pitch Perfect 2 is the second highest grossing film of the year, domestically.  Now that we are talking about disappointing returns, I can talk about Tomorrowland.  A far from perfect film, should have done much better than it has.  Domestically it has only pulled in $77.3 million, and $93.5 overseas, with a production budget of $190 million (with an estimated $35 million promotion) this film is surprisingly far from breaking even.  This may be why Disney canceled plans for Tron 3.  In the neighborhood of “also participated” are Aloha, and Poltergeist, both of which audiences rejected quickly.  Now the newcomers, Spy picked up the number one weekend spot, opening with $29 million, Insidious Chapter 3 picked up $22.69 million, and Entourage attracted $17.66 million after opening mid-week.  I don’t expect these three to have a very long shelf-life.  San Andreas may have a longer run as audiences do love a good disaster film.  In the upcoming weeks there are a few summer heavyweights coming which may change the top performers in ticket sales this year.

TW LW Title  Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count /Change Average Total Gross Budget Week #
1 N Spy Fox $29,085,719 3,711 $7,838 $29,085,719 1
2 1 San Andreas WB $25,839,225 -52.7% 3,812 +35 $6,778 $98,465,426 2
3 N Insidious Chapter 3 Focus $22,692,741 3,002 $7,559 $22,692,741 1
4 N Entourage WB $10,283,250 3,108 $3,309 $17,668,088 1
5 4 Mad Max: Fury Road WB $7,831,453 -44.8% 2,720 -535 $2,879 $130,665,718 $150 4
6 2 Pitch Perfect 2 Uni. $7,573,350 -48.9% 3,403 -257 $2,225 $160,854,945 4
7 3 Tomorrowland BV $7,200,103 -49.7% 3,012 -960 $2,390 $76,414,081 $190 3
8 5 Avengers: Age of Ultron BV $6,339,663 -44.4% 2,471 -757 $2,566 $438,153,559 $250 6
9 6 Aloha Sony $3,240,312 -66.5% 2,815 $1,151 $16,282,116 2
10 7 Poltergeist (2015) Fox $2,705,009 -66.4% 2,229 -1,013 $1,214 $44,306,937 3

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