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WPR’s Box Office Report: August 31, 2015

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Weekend Box Office Report August 28-30

Straight Outta Compton has pulled out three solid weeks in the number one spot at the box office, bringing its domestic gross to $134 million, and worldwide $140 (it hasn’t had a wide overseas release yet).  Meanwhile Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation has continued to be a strong draw for audiences in its fifth week it has grossed $170 million domestically, and $309 million overseas, ensuring this franchise a solid future.  Sinister 2 fell from third to fifth in its second week, so far only grossing $18.5 million, given the track record of these micro-budget horror films, the profitability of this film for Focus is questionable.  The Man From U.N.C.L.E. is struggling in its third week to draw attention from an audience from Mission Impossible, grossing only  $34 million domestically, and $36 overseas, not quite what WB was hoping for from a potential franchise.  Hitman: Agent 47 has not found an audience in the U.S. but overseas the film has grossed $25 million, which is not trilling news for Fox.  Ant-Man is still going strong in its eighth week it has earned $169 million domestically and $196.5 million overseas, putting it just $6 million behind Captain America: The First Avenger, with several weeks left in its theatrical run.  Jurassic World came roaring and stomping back into the box office proving that dinosaurs, and an entertaining film are still a major draw.  For anyone keeping track this puts Jurassic World at $1,636.5 billion worldwide, that is third on the all time worldwide box office gross (behind Avatar, and Titanic).  The Gift has been enormously successful, bringing in $35.8 million.  Minions exceeded any expectations becoming 2015’s fourth billion dollar film, having earned $1,018.9 worldwide.  American Ultra failed to find a foothold with its audience in its second week.  Fantastic Four is still floundering, and is on life support overseas, it has only grossed $146 worldwide, which hasn’t yet covered the production and marketing budget for Fox.  Ricki and the Flash made little noise in the box office, but still walked away on the positive side with a domestic gross of $23.4 million, and has not yet seen an overseas release. Newcomer, War Room from TriStar made a surprising number two debut, pulling in $11 million, which more than satisfies the $3 million budget.  No Escape did not fair well in its opening weekend, even after a mid-week opening it only managed to pull in $10 million from Wednesday to Sunday.  Finally We Are Your Friends proved that not even a movie running at 128 beats per minute can tell an audience who their friends are.  Its opening weekend only grossed this film $1.7 million.  At this point we can officially call the summer movie season over as we all wait for the fall, and award season films to begin flooding the theaters.

TW LW Title Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count /Change Average Total Gross Budget Week 
1 1 Straight Outta Compton Uni. $13,133,560 -50.2% 3,142 +117 $4,180 $134,019,735 $28 3
2 N War Room TriS $11,351,389 1,135 $10,001 $11,351,389 $3 1
3 2 Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Par. $8,155,581 -28.8% 3,095 -347 $2,635 $170,242,111 $150 5
4 N No Escape Wein. $8,111,264 3,355 $2,418 $10,172,124 1
5 3 Sinister 2 Focus $4,665,341 -55.7% 2,799 +33 $1,667 $18,526,943 $10 2
6 5 The Man From U.N.C.L.E. WB $4,431,136 -39.4% 2,706 -967 $1,638 $34,142,762 $75 3
7 4 Hitman: Agent 47 Fox $4,224,446 -49.3% 3,273 +12 $1,291 $15,645,177 $35 2
8 8 Ant-Man BV $3,073,116 -24.2% 1,690 -326 $1,818 $169,205,642 $130 7
9 Jurassic World Uni. $3,010,770 +217.7% 1,239 +665 $2,430 $642,978,555 $150 12
10 7 The Gift (2015) STX $3,004,313 -29.8% 1,934 -369 $1,553 $35,830,756 $5 4
11 9 Minions Uni. $2,875,080 -24.9% 1,976 -250 $1,455 $324,755,670 $74 8
12 6 American Ultra LGF $2,851,916 -47.7% 2,778 $1,027 $10,540,025 $28 2
13 10 Fantastic Four Fox $1,782,398 -52.3% 1,675 -906 $1,064 $52,745,496 4
14 N We Are Your Friends WB $1,767,308 2,333 $758 $1,767,308 1
15 Ricki and the Flash TriS $1,702,684 -42.9% 1,716 -297 $992 $23,484,234 $18 4

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