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WPR TV Talk: The Walking Dead Season 4 Premier “30 Days Without an Accident”

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Those of us that decided to not get drunk and pass out during the episode weighed on our thoughts on “30 Days Without an Accident”. Season Four of The Walking Dead is upon us, now let the ranting/raving begin!

Spoilers Ahoy!

Becky Hansen

TV's hottest couple, ok, we're done.

TV’s hottest couple, ok, we’re done.

I’m pretty sure there was a small nod to the Daryl Dixon fans out there when early on in the episode everyone was greeting Daryl as he walked through an outdoor kitchen at the prison. As he approached Carol she reminded him that she liked him first, later on calling him ‘Pookie’…What’s in store for these two? Will it ever turn into anything more. I hope not. My thoughts are that they might kill off one of them later in the season but that would cause outrage from the viewers.

What’s worse – Walkers or neighborly types?

I’m pretty sure the dead guy from Pet Cemetery (Victor Pascow) made an appearance when all he’ll broke loose at the Big Spot.

I’m not sure how excited I am about all of the new characters but I guess as you kill people off you need to introduce others into the storyline to keep things going. There are still a few original characters that I wouldn’t mind see being eaten alive though.

Is the virus mutating? Some of the walkers and prison residents are showing signs of illness. Is it the water supply or food from their garden?

It’s really no surprise that the safety of the prison is yet again compromised. I think it’s time to move on to somewhere a bit quieter.

Ryan Thomason

Someplace quieter?

Does the original cast need an ocean retreat? It’s obvious that the life of living in a constant zombie flux is starting to just grind everyone down. Except the children it seems, who get lovingly told stories in the library, then how to stab someone with a knife.  At least Carol is thinking of the children.

I do like the obvious play of Carl is obviously going to turn into a leader as he matures.  When Rick is giving him shit for naming the pig (sorry for your loss Violet) and then when the kids are naming walkers. Carl gives them the same lecture about naming Walkers.  I’m mostly glad this isn’t the farm and Carl is just off doing stupid shit alone, wandering around getting ‘ol floppy fishing hat guy killed.

Tyreese is struggling with killing Walkers.

Tyreese is struggling with killing Walkers.

I’m a little disappointed Tyrese isn’t as awesome as his character in the comic is, he doesn’t like killing the “Chain Clingers” and after the  colossal failure of a run to that old camp he doesn’t like doing runs anymore.  Maybe Rick should make him work the fields more or something?  Obviously, the prison is going to fall, but how will Rick deal with it? It seems most everyone is just prepared for everything to fall apart except Rick.

Jasen Mortensen

As thee resident “horror genre expert” here at WatchPlayRead it comes as some shock to people when they discover that I am not a fan of the Walking Dead. While I have not watch the complete series to date I have watched all of season 1 parts of season 2 and 3, and the last 10 minutes of the episode being reviewed here. I have to say this series has been horribly misguided. Apart from having excellent effects by KNB Effects Group, this show has little else going for it. I truly think this show gets by on the “Lost” episode model. For those of you unaware what the “Lost” episode model is, it’s when a show only merit is that it ends each episode on a cliffhanger. The rest of the writing is usually poor to mediocre at best, followed by five minutes of a build up and a cliffhanger. Now I quite enjoyed lost despite my frustrations with it. Lost however was quite a bit better than The Walking Dead. Now when you fire your series creator you know something is wrong. Especially when it’s Frank Darabont, the man who directed the highest rated movie on IMDB for more than a decade (The Shawshank Redemption.)  I often hear from fans about how much they love this show, and then hear them vent their frustrations to me about how boring the show can be. Going on four seasons of having problems like this sounds like three seasons too many. My advice to AMC is to cancel it and cut your loss. They can reboot with a better horror series. Let the zombie fad die, reboot slashers from the 80’s. I couldn’t think of a more original TV series than one based on a slasher.
AMC, let it die!

Xopher Reed

Rick is taking up Botany.

Rick is taking up Botany.

I’m sorry, but am I the only person who’s ready for the story to move beyond Rick Grimes? It’s obvious that we’re going to get nothing but more of the same “boo hoo, I had to do bad things which contrasts with my life as a cop” crap we’ve been getting for the last three seasons. I honestly like the guy and of course the guy that Carl is becoming, but c’mon Rick, man the fuck up, it’s the apocalypse…there are no rules to live by anymore.
Oh Tyrese, you were cooler in the comics. Killing the zombies against the fence should be a blast and a great way of working out aggression. Plus think of the pile o’ corpses that will eventually become a human pyramid of a fence to fend off the walkers! These people are working entirely too hard in making sure their prison stronghold stays safe, wouldn’t it have been easier to keep Woodbury fortified? Didn’t they have more supplies and better walls?  I get from a show perspective it’s cheaper to shoot in the abandoned prison than a real town or soundstage, but this is nanners.
Air drop zombies. What. The. Fuck. Ok it was awesome that a few of them landed head first and gave us an awesome gory surprise but you’d have me believe that the act of a bottle of booze breaking a shelf which knocks a shelf over which stirs up the zombies is going to make the roof of a Big Spot even weaker that they fall through in MULTIPLE spots conveniently right in front of many major characters. Suspension of disbelief was hard on that part writers. C’mon, try a little harder next time.
The kid at the end who shows symptoms of being sick has the whole of the Internet buzzing about if it’s some sort of airborne virus or strain of the zombie disease…give it a rest, the kid could just genuinely be sick and just died. You might forget that humans are already all carriers of the disease. My guess is he scraped himself on a zombie toenail or something.
Carl, get a fucking haircut.
My favorite part of this episode is that Carol and Daryl are getting even closer and they’re so much more alive than all of the other survivors. Carol’s ‘storytime’ made me laugh and say “Good for you Carol!” as she’s doing what all of the other adults should be doing, preparing these kids for the real world, not pretending that there is nothing wrong and trying to give them all a childhood.
The scenes with Rick and the survivor were good but we could ALLLLLLLL see that he was being led into a trap, though I question why he decided to let her turn at all and I know I’m not the only audience member who wanted to see the head in the bag. Oh how I wish to see a celebrity zombie one of these days, c’mon Rip Taylor the Zombie!!!!

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