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WPR Tech: A Xidax Gaming PC that Blew My Socks Off

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What happens when a massive gaming rig lands on your desk, your boss hands you a power cord and gives you the clicky gun fingers?

xidax pc review

You weep.

You weep because you know that this will only be temporary and all the glowing goodness that extrudes from the clear side panel as the Xidax Gaming PC as it silently thrums beside you isn’t going to be your next full time rig. This is the first time I’ve had to look at my monitor in disgust, such a tiny thing, my monitor is. It’s like trying to slap rusty hood over a brand new sports car. You got all this power, sleek designs and you want to see it look purty when the engine is in full gear.

So, I did something for the first time, I hooked up the PC to my huge flat-screen in the living room. For the next week, I sad in my living room weeping tears as I slayed some dragons in Skyrim and traversed the wasteland in Fallout 4. The fact that I need to update my Steam library also dawned on me. During that whole week, not once did my wife complain about the noise that you would think is associated with a beast machine. I even left it on during the day, not even my little kids knew it was on and could be played with. So, every night when the kids were in bed, my wife and I were enjoying one of our shared TV Shows. I could glimpse at the soft green light that was glowing next to my fireplace mantle where the Xiadax was waiting. Teasing me to load up the wasteland for another couple of hours of just gazing at the beauty of the post apoc world from my flatscreen TV. The graphics card (model) was one frigging TB, that’s just what I was upgrading to on my work/personal pc as the storage device. The graphics power behind this thing can easily handle whatever I was throwing at it, from demos and streaming to letting my kids enjoy their games (PBS kids, Nick.com, you know kids stuff) from the living room TV.

xidax pc review

Design wise, there were some failsafes built in that I enjoyed. While the Xidax PC is running you can press on the top of the box to open up the screen and check your connections. The PC will automatically shut down, something I’ve never had with a PC. The side panel snaps easily on/off if you need to make any adjustments as well. You won’t need to do any work after you get this thing though, after a week of play-testing I ran into ZERO functionality issues. All I had to do was get my Steam account rolling and for the first time testing out everything on max settings from a 50” TV screen.

So yes, I did weep when the time came to box this up and ship it back to Xidax. It was everything I’ve been dreaming of in a modern gaming pc that while I COULD get from Xidax at an affordable price, being a family man gives me other priorities. I still find myself glancing over at the now empty space where the green light coming from the Xidax would glow against the wall. Maybe it’s time to introduce my kids to the PC Master Race of gaming so I can say that buying a new Xidax is a “family investment”.

You know, for the kids.

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