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WPR Talks to Kelsey Grammer about ‘Boss’

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In case you didn’t know already, and are also apparently ignoring my posts here on this website. Kelsey Grammer is doing a new show on Starz, we got to talk a little bit about it.

It was pretty cool to talk to a guy that I’ve been watching on TV in various shows since I was a wee little man. I’ll start with the obvious, No we couldn’t talk about his personal life. Nor did I want to. I only cared about his show, not the shenanigans of his Ex Wife on some Desperate Housewives of “Insert City”. Yes, I know the correct naming of the show she is on. No, he wasn’t an asshole, he was charming, easy to laugh and gave incredibly thoughtful answers to the questions from the press.

How I was able to make the list of being introduced to ask questions, I don’t know. I had spent the first 45 minutes taking notes and doodling as I crossed off nearly everything I was going to ask him that was being asked by someone else. I will say, I think this is my best artwork ever, a doodle of my phone.

Back to the interview, thankfully I quickly got over my state of shock and bumbled my first (and only) question left. Then followed up with some questions I pulled out my ass playing off his answers. I’m leaving my fumble unedited, I might as well give you guys the honest interview. Boss is premiering on the Starz movie network on October 21st, make sure you set your DVR’s. Mr. Wilson and I will have a review of the first two episodes before the premier to give you a better idea of how incredibly cool this show is going to be.

WPR: Hi Kelsey, thanks for taking time to talk with us today.

Kelsey Grammer: Yes sure, it’s a pleasure, thank you.

WPR: My – sorry, I was caught off guard. I wasn’t expecting to talk. My question was why did you guys decide to keep the episode length on the first season so short?

Kelsey Grammer: Oh the episode number you mean?

WPR: Yes sorry.

Kelsey Grammer: You know what, we had this original idea that was what we could get done. That was the story we wanted to tell. And it was kind of in eight little trenches but we also wanted to be, you know, they’re longer episodes than regular network television, you know. These are 54 minutes, 51, 52. We’re always over, you know, well over what network would be. So that amount of story was what we had in mind. What was great was when we got into – hang on a second. When we got in Chris Albrecht’s office, I always thought he was the guy that would buy this
show and sure enough he did but he bought the whole show. A couple of other networks or a couple of other execs wanted to actually just buy a pilot and then kind of see. And we can’t actually get ourselves geared up just to make a pilot. So thankfully Chris Albrecht saw the wisdom of our passion and said go to the whole thing and we’re very, very grateful and I’m very, very happy to be there.

WPR: Are we going to be able to expect more episodes in the second season now that it has already been renewed?

Kelsey Grammer: The second season is going to be ten episodes so we’re actually going to – yes you can expand our storytelling a little bit but like I said, I mean, I think he sees we have kind of a unique quality and character to the storytelling which, you know, will fit into whatever.

I imagine that from this point on in terms of the business model, ten episodes per season will be about what they are going to ask for, you never know. But that’s what we’re game for right now. We’re going to start up breaking stories in the next month or so.

WPR: Are you guys trying to avoid the pitfall of writing the show for too long?
Do you kind of have an idea of how many seasons you’re going to try and take on?

Kelsey Grammer: Absolutely. Well the lifespan of the character will dictate honestly how many episodes and how many seasons we can do. We want to stay fairly accurate. You know, we’re obviously going to take a little bit of license in terms of storytelling and, you know, how damaged the character is by his affliction from season to season but, you know, it won’t be a ten year run. It will be somewhere probably just over five.

WPR: Again thanks very much and I wish you the best of luck on the show.

Kelsey Grammer: Thank you so much.

So there you have it, the first (that I know of) knowledge about how long they are looking to run this series, and that they are going to plan on having an end. The first 8 episodes can’t get here soon enough. Thankfully the second season (airing in 2012 obviously) has already been renewed by Starz. So that should almost put us at almost half way through their planned story for the whole series. I can’t tell you guys enough how you need to get Starz to watch this show, to me, It’s going to be just as good or better than The West Wing.

I went there.

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