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WPR Talks to Anthony Bourdain

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Alright, so yes I made a reservation to talk to No Reservation’s Anthony Bourdain.

Time was short, and for some weird ass reason, I was selected to ask Mr Bourdain some questions out of the field of people who had all camped around their phones for the conference call. No Reservations 8th season started on the travel channel Monday April 9th. Or, last night for those of you that weren’t paying attention. The episode to start things off was set in Mozambique and well, just watch the damn episode. There is a reason these guys are so highly regarded, how they do it? They’re just that good as a team.

Of course I barely touched on the current season when I talked to him, maybe I picked randomly from my list of questions, maybe I freaked out and in a panic fumbled my brush with Bourdain, maybe I’ll give you the chat to decide for yourselves. No Reservations airs Monday Nights on the Travel channel, you better be watching.

WPR: Hi Anthony, thanks for taking the time to talk.

Anthony Bourdain: Hey sure. How you doing?

WPR: I listened to you on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, and had a lot of fun listening to it. Have you ever entertained starting your own kind of podcast about No Reservations or kind of doing anything in that kind of nature?

Anthony Bourdain: I’m not opposed in principle. I mean, I really like the idea. Everyone I work with, we’re all really open to the idea of sort of any venue, any format, any platform that we can be creative and have a good time, I mean, we’re open to it. But, I mean, at the moment, anything we have to say on the subject of No
Reservations we’re pretty much either putting into the show itself or tweeting about it while we’re making the set.

WPR: Has there ever been any time where you’re actually like scared for your life while you’ve been on No Reservations?

Anthony Bourdain: There have been some uncomfortable moments for sure. I mean, certainly Beirut in 2006, Liberia there were some uncomfortable moments. I mean, when you’re filming in a place with expensive cameras, in a place where, you know, people are really, really hungry and, you know, a few dollars makes the difference between life and death for them and their family and there’s no infrastructure to speak of, you know, it could be – for very understandable reasons it can be tense.

WPR: Were there any particular moments during this season that kind of really stood out for you?

Anthony Bourdain: A lot of moments. You know, I just got back from Burgundy and let me tell you, that did not suck. You got to drink a lot of good wine and eating spectacularly well in the ancestral homeland. That’s still fresh in memory. Haven’t been shot at or anything like that. There haven’t been any high security moments yet this season that I can think of. Though we did do ice racing in Finland that got – I guess that would fall into the physically foolhardy department.

No Reservations. Monday Nights. Travel Channel. You, Watching it.

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