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WPR Takes A Look At The First Ever Digital Comic Exclusive At Emerald City Comic Con

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Emerald City Comic Con is under way today, and on everyones badge is a free Atomic Robo digital comic from ComiXology!

I had a chance to take an early look at the comic before the convention rolls out and it’s pretty fun. The way they created it, essentially is for those of you that carry the smartphones/tablets. It doesn’t play out like a normal digital comic that goes panel by panel, or page by page. What ComiXology’s Guided View technology and Red 5 did was essentially create a slow motion animated short of sorts. (Please, Please, Red 5, Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener make a Atomic Robo animated short.)


“Along Came a Tyrantula” is a fun little romp of a Crazed Ex-Girlfriend (according to her) fighting Atomic Robo is a mecha-arm spider suit of sorts. She’s…a little pissed that Atomic Robo can’t remember her name. He tried at least, some dozen times to guess, but, to no avail. It’s a fun quick little comic that the Atomic Robo fans like myself (And my 5 year old) can enjoy, but, also does a great job of giving your the basics of what Atomic Robo is all about for those who have never graced how awesome he is.

So, if you’re going to Emerald City Comic Con, ENJOY YOUR EXCLUSIVE! If you’re NOT going, you can check out this comic on March 6th on ComiXology, you really should check them out if you want to get back into comics, at least in a digital format.

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