Ryan Thomason

WPR Tackled the Double Down, but Can We Survive ‘Cheesy Bacon Bowl’?

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Oh KFC, why so Hungy?

I’m sure everyone Remembers our Trips down the Double Down Lane. We were unapologetic fatties back then. SO yeah, nothing has changed since then right? Well at KFC it has, because now there is something us now health conscious (Hey we got tired of having sweaty manboobs) selves might have to take down just for the sake of having a near heart attack for no good reason.

What the hell are the diabetic inducing salarymen at KFC cooking up now? The “Cheesy Bacon Bowl,” which improves upon the existing mush of fried chicken, cheese, corn, and mashed potatoes with gravy known as the “Famous Bowl,” and adds a bunch of bacon.

I don’t know if any of us have the stomach to attempt this pile of crap called “food” but if enough of you want it, we’ll go into cardiac arrest, just for you.


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