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WPR Staff Chat: Best Explosions to spread 4th of July Cheer

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The fourth of July is a lot of things, but really, what most everyone cares about is the explosions. Now, typically that means fireworks. But here at WPR, we are not biased and are welcoming of all explosions. So, this year our staff picked their favorites and now you may enjoy!

I’ll start off with my pick. It’s quick, simple and highly effectual in the movie Independence Day. Yes. I choose, The white House being exploded by an alien spaceship!


Two picks:

Caddyshack Ending

Explosion of rock on The Young Ones “Bambi” episode
There are lots of bombs and explosions on The Young Ones: doorbells, bricks, lentils, and buses. But my favorite is the explosion of metal courtesy of Motorhead in the episode “Bambi.”


If blowing shit up makes you a great American, Michael Bay might just be the most patriotic man since George Washington. Bay has been defying all laws of physics for years in his efforts to explode any and every single thing for our viewing enjoyment. Whether is oceans, rocks, space, asteroids, glass, metal, robots, people, dirt, or sand. Nothing is immune to Bay’s fiery wrath. So let’s celebrate this 4th of July by enjoy some of Michael Bay’s greatest works.


When the clock strikes 2:30pm Pacific/5:30pm Eastern, before you leave work for the long 4th of July holiday weekend…let us reflect on those who were obliterated in Louisville, Kentucky thanks to an incident that reportedly began 30 years ago today at 5:30pm Eastern and carried into the morning hours of July 4, 1984. Nearly 4,000 were killed in a 20 block radius the next morning in a “containment protocol” the government assured us was “for our safety.”

Truthers have thrown about various reasons behind the blast that rocked the city. Some say the origin began with an accident at a medical supply warehouse. A toxic chemical was unleashed causing the dead to rise from the grave to feed on the brains of the living. An anonymous military source once elaborated further that the incident could be traced all the way back to another encounter with the walking dead back in the ’60s.

No one can say for certain what really spurred this tragedy, but let us reflect on those we lost.


My favorite all time on screen explosion is from 1991’s Fried Green Tomatoes. I have often felt the desire to ram my car repeatedly into some self absorbed a-hole. Maybe that says something about me or maybe we all have moments when we’d like to stand up to those mindless jerks on the road. Evelyn Couch (played by the amazing Kathy Bates) does just that and it feels almost therapeutic for me to take part in her payback. Happy 4th! “Tawanda!”

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