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WPR STAFF 2014 Holiday Gift Guide – PLAY EDITION

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Be it cards, toys, tech, Music, vidja games, if it is playable, we think these select items are worth adding to any Holiday Gift Guide for yourself or that person in your life that makes your insides all warm and fuzzy. Not your cat. Cat’s don’t care. Click the titles to buy yourself something we picked!


Risk 2210 A.D.

risk 2210

Yes, this has been out for a while. But, it’s something that my seven year old son constantly wants to bust out and play against me with. Yes, I go easy on him, it’s not until he is hooked on the game until when I will unleash my superior strategy on him. There are more territories to conquer than the original Risk, and commanders with their cards you can buy as well lend more to the game. Plus, you can conquer the moon. Lunar Colonies ahoy!

Munchkin Adventure Time Game


IF you’ve every played Munchkin, you know the rules. Kick open doors and defeat bad guys, get treasure! This is the new Adventure Time adaption of Munchkin and I love it. The playable characters have both the male and female counterparts. So, if you feel like playing as Fiona or Finn that’s up to you. The classes are fun, and the loot/baddies and really everything else that you can play as a card keeps me grinning every time. Maybe It’s just because I’m a nerd for this franchise, bit it’s hard to not enjoy yourself when you play this game.


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – PC


Are you dying to know what happened between the first and second Borderlands games? No? Oh you just want to play as Cl4ptr4p don’t you? I knew it! Anyways, take one of the most addictive FPSRPGames ever made and add in new physics and environments and you get this game. Gearbox will forever be a go to company for me as I’ve loved the wit and comedy they’ve put into each of their games.



In the eponymous release from Antemasque, you get a very healthy dose of one of the most ass-kicking progressive/experimental rock albums of the year. Those who know the catalog of At The Drive In and The Mars Volta will recognize the talents of Omar Rodríguez-López and Cedric Bixler-Zavala this album is unlike both bands but more of a culmination of the two. It has the prog punk, post hardcore sound of ATDI mixed with experimental vocals and effects of TMV. Completely worth the price of admission if for no other reason than the inclusion of Flea on bass and Dave Elitch on drums. Great stuff inside here.


POP! Disney: Big Hero 6-Baymax – 6 inch POP!

Big Hero 6 Pop! Disney Vinyl Figures by Funko

The Funko Pop! figurines have taken the world by storm and expect that the Big Hero 6 set won’t be any different. Baymax is one of the breakdown characters of the year but expect that all of these are going to be hard to find a week or so. Funkos are great collectors items and once you buy one you’re hooked.

<Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Video Game Starter Pack – Xbox 360

For Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, WiiU, Xbox One


Disney Infinity combines video games and collecting into one. Version 2.0 featuring the Marvel superheroes was just released but version 1.0 is also available on most consoles. Disney Infinity works by collecting small figurines and then using those figurines to obtain that character in the game. It has become massively popular for children and adults alike.


Firefly Yahtzee Game

firefly yahtzee

Serenity and her crew most likely have a place in your DVD collection and on your comic shelf. Now, with the release of Firefly Yahtzee, they can have spot in your game closet. This game comes with a replica of Serenity with the hold becoming the dice cup, plus custom dice and score pads. Yahtzee is a portable game great to take on vacations and ideal for two players. You might think of some fun house rules, instead of “Yahtzee” the winner could call out “Shiny!” (If you are more a Whovian than a Browncoat, try the YAHTZEE: Doctor Who Dalek Collector’s Edition


Disney Big Hero 6 Exclusive Action Figure Armor-Up Baymax

baymax armor up

I recently had a chance to play with this guy and he is one of the better transforming action figures I have seen. This one is sure to be a very popular with the kids this year, and really, aren’t we all kids in need of a really cool action figure. You should pick one up for yourself, something to play with at your desk.

Cards Against Humanity

cards against

The best card game in the known universe. If you already have the game, you should pick up the expansion sets, or the 90’s nostalgia pack. They even have the special holiday packs to spice up your ordinarily boring family X-mass parties.


Lords & Ladies

lords and ladies

Although it might not look like it from its cute illustrations and Jane Austen sensibilities, Lords & Ladies has a potential to tear apart friendships and relationships only rivaled by Monopoly. It’s also really fun to play with a group of relatively drunk people.
The object of Lords & Ladies is pretty simple: help your lord or lady’s family tree gain status points by hiring servants, marrying rich people, and having lots of babies. However, in this not-so-polite polite society, be on the lookout for the holders of gossip cards, whose shadiness can completely destroy your reputation and take away your points!

Highlights of the game include dry-erase player cards, where you can name your lord or lady and decorate them (one of my friends covered hers in tattoos, gave her muscles, and named her Lady Slagathor the Destroyer), and the suitor card somewhere in the deck that kind of looks like a young Kyle Maclachlan.


Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle – Kinect Sensor Edition

xbawk asscreed

​If you’ve been waiting for just the right time to jump into the next generation consoles, then your time has come. Microsoft has cut the price of the Xbox One (minus the Kinect) to $349.99 with some big discount stores going as low as $315. This is a steal for a bundle that also includes Assassins Creed: Unity and Assassins Creed: Black Flag. The Xbox One is a great console that is an improvement in every way to its predecessor, the Xbox 360. With great titles like Destiny and Halo: The Master Chief Collection already out, and at such a low price point, there honestly hasn’t been a better time to join the next console generation then now.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo xbawks

​Available exclusively for the Xbox One, Halo:The Master Chief Collection has taken all four of the Master Chief centric Halo games (including a completely re-mastered version of Halo 2) and packed them onto one glorious disc. At first glance this may look like Microsoft is just looking to make a quick buck repackaging old Xbox games, but really The Master Chief Collection is much more than that. Each game looks better and runs faster then ever before, and every multi-player map from each Halo is also included in their original form (minus the old graphics). Which means you want to play Sidewinder or Blood Gulch with the Halo super pistol and over-powered shotgun, then go right ahead. It’s just like you remember it in all it’s multi-player glory. You also get the entire Ridley Scott produced live action Halo web-series, Halo: Nightfall. And if all that wasn’t enough to sell you on this ultimate Halo collection, 343 studios also threw in access to the Halo 5 beta that will open up sometime this December.

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