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WPR Reviews: Netflix’s Daredevil

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Every now and then we here at WPR come across something so good that a written review is not nearly enough to fully encapsulate it’s greatness. Netflix’s new series, Daredevil, was one such instance. It was so good in fact that Kaitlyn and myself had to create a whole new show just so we could find another reason to keep talking about it, and after binge watching all 13 episodes we had much to talk about. Join us as we discuss all things Daredevil in this mostly spoiler-free review of Marvel’s latest superhero that has made the jump from the pages to the screen.

Don’t forget to let us know what you guys thought about Netflix’s Daredevil in the comments, because as always we’d love to carry on the conversation. Also if you want even more Daredevil coverage, don’t forget to check out Kaitlyn’s 2-part written Daredevil review!!

All 13 episodes of Daredevil are available now on Netflix

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